Hello, hello! Welcome to the contents of my mind.




My name is Aidan and sometimes I write. I’m a 19 year old college student who balances school and work –somehow I’m not in a mental institution. I grew up a very “arty” kid; I loved anything where I could create something physical. My family is very musical, especially my mother who would take me to watch and perform with her in karaoke bars and county talent shows, starting at age 4. I got really into singing and would soon develop my own lyrics. That’s how my love for poetry began.

I have been through a lot, especially in recent years, and my poetry and other artistic outlets were my coping mechanisms. I may not have been able to speak about my feelings and what was happening, but my notebooks and laptop’s documents knew me very well.

This website is also in memory to my mother and sister, two fellow musicians and writers. You both were my favorite people and continue to inspire me.

1/13/1962 – 4/02/2012

11/24/1985 – 10/13/2017


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