Wanna know about how all this nonsense got started? Read all about it.

Crybaby Poetry is Aidan Haskel’s collection of writings, mostly poetry. Aidan is an eighteen year old, transgender guy who just likes to make poetic riddles and express what he’s going through.

Born and raised in West Virginia, he found himself surrounded in music due to his family and their talents. His mother was constantly singing and he was able to see her perform on stage. He built the courage to sing himself, which led to competitions. This led on to even bigger things, such as writing his own lyrics.

As a child, he was very withdrawn from issues at home which he found himself still unable to cope with. He found no one to relate to what he went through and that his emotions were generally insignificant. That led to his first poetry book on wattpad, titled Insignificant, consisting of over 100 poems.

At age thirteen, he found his hobbies to be coping methods when he lost his mother. Drawing, photography, music, and writing were his crutches. He then realized they were things he could see himself doing when he was older.

At age eighteen, now a senior in high school, he is working to become a therapist. He wishes to study Psychology and minor in Art in college. He is in FBLA, BETA, NSHSS, and working to create his own LGBT+ awareness club.

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  1. Greetings!

    Hello, this is Ruchita from Shuddhpoetry on Instagram and I recently discovered your amazing work. Shuddhpoetry is a poetry page on Instagram, where we encourage writers to write more, with beautiful pictures to go with their pieces.

    I went through your profile and fell in love! Your writings make me feel home. We’d like to invite you to join Shuddhpoetry as a contributor!

    Please provide your email address so that I can send you an official mail.🙂

    Thank You.


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