i’m dead to him

You ripped my veins from my arms-
in order to play your damn guitar.
Attach my heart strings,
my life line.
Create a symphony.
Make music with me
Just, please, let me die.

I know you wanna go.
Leave me behind.
Tell them you’re a widower-
and that sometimes love dies.

That twinkle in your eye caused a tear in mine.
Your finger tips feel like lit matches tracing along my body’s map.
Not even my sorrows can drown what you’ve set ablaze.
I can only burn what there’s left to erase.

I cross my arms over my chest and try my best to remember that I haven’t lived yet anyway.
I’m just a child who thinks the end of the world is a boy who made me realize I’m not the only one.
And fuck, wasn’t that true in the long run?

You blow into my ear, and I break apart.
Watch as my ashes flutter through the wind.
I’ve never seen destruction look that beautiful.
I’ve never seen myself that empty, caved, and thin.


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