I’ve been calling all night, where are you?
Are you awake still or do the things that keep me up affect you too?
Maybe you’re traveling around the world, kicking back at an exotic resort?
I’d be there with you if it was my choice.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be sunning on a beach, sipping umbrella drinks,
-and eating food that our stomachs would finally accept?
But I suppose we’re not on a sunny beach.
We’re on the edge of neglect and being intersected.

If you think being parallel is sad, never meeting one another at all-
This fate is much worse as we’ll meet once but never again.
But at least in all of this, we could be somewhere safe where someone will catch us if we fall.
So you must use your mind if you want this to end.

I’m sure you’ve been told safety is in our minds.
Yes, they can be the most inhumane prisons at times.
But we all have a dark side, and I’m not going to cling to it as you do.
Because I’d like to find happiness after I find you.

I’ve been having wild nightmares and pushing away food.
Thinking who it is that I keep telling myself I’m missing.
But I always wake up with the sun peering out of my window.
It always alludes to the little things that are already on my side.
So I open up my own blinds that cover my eyes,
and breathe in the rays.
It takes the sunshine to truly take me away.


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