burning sage

It’s been a pleasure to even be a consideration for your heart.
My dear, I don’t mind being a runner up.
Because in your life, I was able to be a small part.
Isn’t that blessing? To even be considered worthy of your love?

Your touch leaves my heart in a different beat.
When we danced in the rain, you were okay with my two left feet.
You had me thinking you were the answer to my prayers.
Someone who accepted me and at least tried to care.

However, the rain started to boil with rage.
The tears of the sky washed away the smile on my face.
The blush on my cheeks crawled back through my vessels.
And the love was confirmed fake by the counting of rose petals.

You still were my relief.
You became what overcame me with grief and release.
You gave me faith until I made the mistake
of believing the fact I was your burning sage.

I thought I was cleansing you -fixing you.
I thought, my God, that we were meant to be.
I know now that you were just my escape from reality
and that no one is capable of loving me.


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