you’ll be okay

Are you breaking because I am too.

You’re paralizingly still like a broken Virgin Mary statue.

Even when you’re walking, I hear the shatters

of a broken heart that can’t take what happened


And that porcelain skin screams at the contact of my lips.

He did this to you, I know.

You want to open up but healing is never quick,

and you can’t let memories go.


It’s ironic, you’ve said-

That the word love has four letters, and so does rape.

It’s a word he tossed your way

just so you’d think it’s okay to stay.


But now, you’re in my arms.

Stop worrying.

I will fuse all this busted glass of your being

to create the most beautiful piece of art you’ve ever seen.


Did you know there’s this Japanese art form called Kintsugi?

Where they take broken pottery and fix it with gold or silver.

It has more value then, they respect recovering.

I hope that’s something you’ll remember.










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