live like you’re alive, not like you’re dying

i know you have your own life

but i really just wanted to be a small fraction of it

because you were a big part of mine

which is hard to admit


so when you’re listening to nirvana

or see the color blue

-when you’re with your buddies and your marijuana

just know i’m out here thinking about you


not because i feel the same way

not because i still care

but because i know how you can be

when you soften your stare


when you apply your lipgloss

when you lie to your mother about where you’ve been

when you’re planning a sketchy barhop

i’ll always know of the time before an angel knew she loved sin


when you hide your cigarettes in plant pots

when you skip meals

when you flip off the cops

as you speed for that thrill


just know i worry about your well being

and how you’re letting yourself be perceived

i worry if you’ll take time to start healing

after traveling in another girl’s jeans


but maybe this is the real you

maybe i was unaware.

just please take care

so your mother can stop being scared

about losing you









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