crybaby anthem

You know how in old shows, kids were always breaking things with baseballs?

Those things were always my heart taking other forms.

Life wanted my heart to be born broken and smashed, unable to stand nor crawl.

That’s why I’m so sensitive, started way before I was born.


It may seem farfetched to you.

Maybe impossible, slander at the highest degree.

But I just thought I’d tell you

since I’m always apologizing for being a cry baby.


Oh! And did you know-

that the blizzard of 1967’s snow

is the reason I was born shaking and scared?

yeah, well, my spirit was there.


And my passion, such deep fiery passion

was caused by the volcanic eruption of 1812.

After that, my heart was pure ashes

but I got to capture fire in a snowglobe and heaven in hell.


So don’t tell me I’m too young to be this sad-

because maybe your life just wasn’t as bad.

And I’m happy for you, I swear that I am

but don’t stop my tears by building a dam.













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