Time Waster

“Results may vary if you’re stuck eating cherries with the king of gluttony.”

She lays on her bedroom floor, reading a newspaper from three months ago.

“I’ve never had someone that lost, so lost that they won’t bother to stay with me.

“Didn’t he know I was enough? Or was I not? He didn’t stay long enough to know.”


Her dark complexion greased over with oily makeup and mascara that made her eyelashes look like clumped spiders.

She’s been like this since last week when her boyfriend passed away, tragic.

“He just had to do it, didn’t he? Selfish, greedy for the best so he left to find fire.”

Makes a person wonder of what happened that started it and how he ended it.


“He’s such a..such a-”, she’s interrupted by the clock.

She drunkenly stands up, using everything near her as a rail.

“Time waster..a time waster who couldn’t wait for his to stop.

I can’t believe him, he can go straight to hell.”


She takes the old clock off from the table and throws it against the wall.

A loud metallic clang bounces off the lemon scented hardwood floors.

Tears start pouring from her eyes like rain, and like a teardrop- she falls.

“I just can’t do this without you. I can’t anymore.”


She sobs before kicking and punching at the ground.

The constant tick from her clock is silenced like a lamb now.

But she stills hears it in her head and begs and screams.

She feels like the strongest type of weak.


Her mother took a trip uptown for some much needed time with her friends.

Her father is out playing golf and told her not to wait up.

Thinking of those who constantly leave her life, she’s drawn to a book’s end.

How can she live without anyone’s love?


“He didn’t even..didn’t even leave a note..no goodbye.”

She sobs as her words struggle to come to a head, then wondering why.

He was the gum that held her together, but gum is temporary and desperate.

Much was their love, but I dare not question.


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